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Beige-Carolina-Timber-Ceramic 6x24 6x36

  • Carolina Timber Beige 6 in. x24 in. ceramic tiles feature warm beige tones artistically designed with a realistic wood grain look. These beautiful, low-maintenance wood tiles are suitable for a wide array of interior projects including floors, accent walls throughout homes and light use commercial properties
    Sample Listing
    Samples are swatches of the original product and vary in size from a 3x3 inches to 6x6" depending on the product line. Samples are meant to give you the touch/feel effect and also to judge the color tones, thickness etc. We do provide actual lot specific pictures on request to give you even a better idea.

    We ship our samples with USPS priority mail or UPS Ground. On occasion you might receive it slightly damaged or cracked however please note that samples still deliver the above message as they are NOT THE ACTUAL product and just samples for you to see the tones. The actual product will be shipped Insured and packed much better for its safety.

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